Enhancing Cybersecurity and Strengthening Customer Partnerships in the Process: Insights from Matador Networks

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Scott Anderson, Intermedia’s Chief Marketing Officer, recently sat down with Matt Maupin, the President of leading managed service provider (MSP), Matador Networks, and Chris Hendrix, a cybersecurity engineer at Matador Networks, to discuss their journey in the realm of cybersecurity, and the critical part of their business it has become.

Take a moment and listen to our latest podcast featuring Matador Networks and Intermedia:

The Journey of Matador Networks

Matador Networks, founded in 2012, initially provided contract work primarily for community bank services. Over the years, the company has transitioned from a break-fix business to a managed service provider. With a focus on GLBA and HIPAA compliance, they expanded their expertise to include the healthcare vertical. In the interview with Intermedia, Matt and Chris discussed what led them to build a robust cybersecurity-focused service and tool stack, especially during the global pandemic and the rise of remote work.

The Strategic Partnership with Intermedia

The strategic partnership between Matador Networks and Intermedia has played a pivotal role in fortifying their cybersecurity practices. They highlight how Intermedia’s offerings have provided an additional layer of protection, not only for communications but also at the endpoint. The collaboration has empowered Matador Networks to enhance their service delivery and better secure their clients’ environments.

Emphasizing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Matador Networks prioritizes the implementation of 2FA as a fundamental security measure for their clients. They explain how they have successfully integrated 2FA into their service offerings, ensuring that every managed customer and cloud service has it enabled. The duo shares their experience of onboarding clients with 2FA, which surprisingly went smoothly and yielded a positive impact on their clients’ security posture.

Navigating the Impact of Cybersecurity

Matt and Chris shed light on the effects of cybersecurity on their organization. They share how they have encountered an increase in account lockouts, which has led to greater visibility into potential misconfigurations and unauthorized access attempts. They emphasize the importance of proactive security policies and the need to collaborate with clients to address their unique security concerns.

Building Trust and Education

The conversation delves into the significance of education and risk management in the realm of cybersecurity. Matt and Chris stress the importance of starting somewhere, as implementing cybersecurity measures can feel daunting. However, they reassure listeners that once the journey begins, it unfolds more smoothly than anticipated. They highlight how cybersecurity becomes an educational endeavor, transforming the client-MSP relationship and instilling confidence in the partnership.