A Nine-Year Itch: Matador Networks’ Manual Disaster Turned ‘Magic’

When Matt decided to make the switch from contractor to full-time business owner, the brave feat to achieve operational excellence would see almost a decade of hard work, sifting through tools, and re-evaluating his paramount focus area: Accounting and finance. 


For an incredibly long nine-and-a-half years, Matador Networks did accounting and finance “the best way [we] knew how” – manually, and in the hands of a trusted bookkeeper. 

Matt Maupin, President, reveals, it wasn’t until their bookkeeper resigned, when he unveiled Pandora’s box – 

Even with a full-time, in-house bookkeeper and a contracted CPA firm (that bills by the hour), Matador Networks were facing “a big mess,” everywhere from their profit and loss (P&L) statement and balance sheet, to their overall general ledger.


With the hours formerly spent managing their finances versus the time now taken to fix this “manual disaster,” Matt shares, “the time add[ed] up into pretty real dollars.” This was the turning point that led Matt to pursue what he identified as the ultimate solution: Financial automation. 

In a strong-willed pursuit to get his Technical Service Provider (TSP) back on track, Matt joined his first peer group, where upon discussion, he realised, “my numbers were either extremely difficult to find or I had no idea where they were.” And so, the heavy lifting began – 

Shortly after Matt commenced outsourced bookkeeping, it became apparent that their Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and expense entries were not in alignment – here, the move to QuickBooks Online (from QuickBooks Desktop) was now an imperative.

“The road to QuickBooks Online (QBO) led me to an Accounting Partner at ConnectWise, where we needed to work out how to get my invoices and procurement synced,” where Matt was then led to Wise-Sync (the Payments team at ConnectWise).

Matt worked in close collaboration with the Payments team to execute the “complete overhaul” of their GL mapping, invoicing, inventory, procurement modules, and payment processes using Wise-Sync and WisePay – this comprehensive transformation led to significant improvements in their overall financial management.


  • Drastically reduced operational expense by $37,000 p.a. 
  • Outsourced CPA firm expense slashed by $8,624.76 p.a. 
  • Overall cost-savings of $45,600+ annually across bookkeeping and accounting 
  • No longer “burdening those convenience fees” with WisePay’s automatic on-charge fee inclusive