Technology standards should align with business requirements and goals. Similarities exist within networks across verticals ; however, the available IT solutions to service these networks are not identical. Each client has unique processes, procedures, services and products which require the technology services provider to learn about and understand the business. Every business that engages with us should be able to consider their technology in strategic planning and rely on it for daily operations.

Technology assessments are not reserved for compliance driven or regulatory controlled organizations. All businesses with networked systems in place will benefit from reviews of network configurations, security policies, endpoint parameters and cloud based services. Our standards library that drives the assessments are based compliance requirements specific to GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, framework from NIST, GDPR and many other criteria. The assessment process allows for recommendations and initiatives to be considered when making operational decisions. The end result consists of tactical findings which are presented on a strategic roadmap driving a multi-year budget forecast.

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